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Hostfamily letter:


Dear Host Family,


I am Lucy Knöttig and I am 17 years old. I will be 18 on 1st January.

I live in a very small village, named Döschwitz, in Saxony-Anhalt. It is near Leipzig.

My mother, Silke (47), is a kindergarten teacher and my father, Detlev (51), is an independent

commercial agent. I have a brother, Christoph (28) He is a gas fitter. But he does not live at home. He lives with his girlfriend Melanie in their own apartment.


At first I want to tell you something about me and my hobbies.

I have one best friend, Sophie. She would like to become an AuPair, too. We have a lot of fun together. We both love singing together.

Singing is one of my favourite hobbies. I often sang in public, I love to sing!

Another hobby of mine is dancing. I go to a dance lesson once per week (for 3 hours). I do two different kinds of dance. On the one hand I do show-dance and on the other hand I like doing standard-dances with my partner Martin.

I also like playing the guitar very much. I accompanied the children in the kindergarten on my guitar and they liked it very much.

Other hobbies are skiing, riding horses, drawing, tinkering, playing the keyboard and the piano,swimming, reading and, of course, cooking and baking.


I live, together with my parents and my grandparents, in a house with a big garden and our cat Lilli. Lilli is black and I love her very much. She is like a baby.

I have a very good relationship with my family and we often go on trips together. My parents always support me and all my wishes and projects, before all when I was planning to be an AuPair this year.


After this year I will study speech therapy. I like working with children, therefore I plan to work particularly with children.

I want to go to America as an AuPair, because I love children and doing things with them.

I am also interested in your country and I would like to experience and discover the country, the culture and the language. Additionally I would like to develop myself, find new friends and meet new contacts.

But before all I want to care for children and help them with everything, that they need help with.

I have gained many experiences in caring for children and I can care for them very gladly. Therefore I would like to support you by caring for your children.

I would like to tell you something about the activities I did with the kids I have cared for so far, so you can get a short overview about my work experience.


In the kindergarden, where I worked for five weeks, we did a lot of things. We tinkered and painted a lot and did sports and other activities. Mainly we went outside and walked either through the forest or played in the sand, where we built sandcastles. I also did some hygienic acts and I brushed the girls´s hair and helped them change their clothes.

In a one-week-camp with a youth group I supervised the children when we went to the leisure time swimming pool and during all the other activities we did. I also cooked lunch for them and prepared breakfast and dinner.


Additionally I helped out at a hospital at the child section for one week. There I played with the kids, we drew pictures and tinkered something or we played games together, we also sang some songs on the guitar. Moreover I changed their nappies and helped them with going to the toilet and other things where they needed help.


Every Sunday I help my 11year old cousin Vivien with her homework and give her private lessons in maths. We have fun together.

Every Saturday I take care of Romy, a two-year-old girl. We build sandcastles and go for a walk with the buggy. Sometimes, when her mother needs me, I care for her at night, I bathe her, prepare dinner and put her to bed. But next year they will change their residence and so I can not care for her anymore.

However I will care for a newborn child in our neighbourhood next year.

You can find more details about my experiences on my page under “childcare experiences”.


You need not worry about driving your kids to school or everywhere, I got my driving license in June 2010. In addition to my driving license I also have taken a first aid course.

Since I got my driving license I drive to school and back every day, but at the moment I am only allowed to drive with my mother or grandmother. When I am 18, I can drive without them.

I think it is better to drive only with my mother or grandmother for the first year, because I can gain driving experiences in a better way. Whenever I get the change to drive, I do so. So I am not worried about driving your kids everywhere.

Additionally I have the “Bronze” swimming badge, so I could go swimming with the children if you want.


One year ago I went to America for three weeks. It was a student exchange with my school.

We all stayed in a host family and we went to our exchange school with our exchange partners. There I already learned something about your culture and your country, but three weeks were too few to learn that much about America.

I am very curious about you all, particularly about the children. I am very pleased to be an AuPair for your children.

Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon, your, already very exited, hopefully new au pair,

Lucy Knöttig